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Crazy Adrenaline


In the video game we are in the role of a crazy millionaire addicted to adrenaline and extreme sports.

Our protagonist is called "BANG" and his entertainment after years bored by the typical extreme sports has reached a limit, he was crazy for a little adrenaline in something new and above all DANGEROUS

That's why when he saw the bankruptcy of a major nuclear company in Nevada on the news, he saw it clearly. He set up his own extreme sports theme park, because what was more extreme than dying from a nuclear explosion?

Game Mechanics
This game is a first-person shooter in which we must advance through various levels of an extreme amusement park (In this version, only the first level is played). In this first level we appear in a small area with two houses, one in front of the other. This area is full of targets that we must shoot down with our weapon. These targets are found all over the map and we have a time limit to shoot down all of them, which will give us access to the bunker in the center of the map where we can finish the mission. To carry it out we will have small enhancers that will make the task easier.;

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